Sell early batches of tickets, products or dishes to build hype and measure interest

A new way to connect with your audience and learn about your business

Every week, thousands of locals and travellers in Copenhagen use Jungle to discover the finest places and expriencences that the indie food scene has on offer. 

With Drops, you can promote and sell early batches of tickets to events, pop-ups, products or dishes directly to all of them.


Sell 10, 20 or 30 tickets, dishes, bottles via Drops

With every drop, we’ll supply you with stats on; 

Speed of sales → Benchmark with similar products to directly measure interest in your new offering.

Conversion rate  See page views, click-thru’s and conversions on every Drop.


How it works

You Pick your event or product and put  10, 20, or 30 tickets up for sale*

We’ll take care of promotion, ticketing and transactions. 

Get a report detailing interest, conversion and benchmarks to comparable offerings.

*Hey, if it sells out too fast, we can always add more.

** 12,5 % commission, including promotion and transactions. Payouts are fast, secure and direct via Stripe Connect. 

*** Always share your drops with us at least 2 weeks before going live. 


Find out what works, and avoid what does not

Currently 50 % of pop-ups don’t turn a profit. That’s way too much. 

With Jungle Drops, you quickly figure out exactly which events, dishes and products to lean into. 

Let Jungle be your hypeman

Drops on Jungle get preferred treatment on the app. Drops are always in our IG Story and go on top of the newsletter. 

We’ll get the good word out  – and let you do your thing.


😅 What if it sells too fast? 

You can always add an extra drop, and feel free to change the pricing.

🤨 But what it if doesn’t sell enough? 

Drops come with a 5-day cancellation policy. No worries. We’ll all have learned something.

🤌 How do I get paid? 

We use Stripe Connect, to send the funds directly to your account. 

✍️ What are your terms of business?

You can read them here, and hit us up with any questions.

💧 What qualifies as a Drop? 

Drops are intended for your new offerings, like pop-ups or fresh dishes, combos and products. 

🧐 Do I have to give a discount?

Not at all, it’s totally up to you, but these are not deals. Drops are for the new, experiences you have on offer, and a space to try our new exciting things.

🤝 What I want to speak to a real person, and not just read this website

Click the button below, and Will is going to be in touch whenever is good with you.